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The FTV Jewelry store is a state of the art jewelry store with an in-house grooming service. We aspire to become the leading merchant of luxury jewelry in the country. We cater to the needs of our customers first and that is set in stone. Our services include Jewelry repair, Ring Sizing, Stone replacement, Jewelry appraisal, Jewelry cleaning and Rhodium plating. We pride ourselves on possessing a whole manifold of services that bring out the best look on you and your stones.


potential in india

Jewelry stores in India have an unprecedented potential because of the love for grandeur. By the year 2025 the revenue in the jewelry sector will be projected at 6.99 CRORES. The jewelry market plays the role of a catalyst in the Indian economy, contributing to 7 percent of the country GDP in its entirety. It employs over 4.64 million people which is expected to reach 8.23 million by 2022.




To level the playing field in the global jewelry industry and make India a leading destination for jewelry enthusiasts.



To present our clientele with “a sense of exclusiveness” every single time they purchase a product from our store.



To garner enough attention making “The FTV Jewelry Store” a benchmark in the Jewelry industry.